Friday, February 2, 2018

Fashion April 1817

PARISIENNE BALL DRESS From Ackerman's Repository April 1817

A FROCK of white tulle over a white satin slip: the upper part of the body is formed of a piece of tulle set in full, the lower part plain, and ornamented by three rolls of white satin, which form a cestus. 

The sleeve, very short and full, is ornamented also by rolls, which are placed byas across the arm, and finished in the middle by a bow of ribbon. Two bows of ribbon are placed, one on the middle, the other at the end of the shoulder-strap, in front. 

The bottom of the skirt is trimmed with three rolls of white satin, above which are placed bows of ribbon at regular distances, and they are surmounted by a triple row of rolls. 

An apron of tulle, trimmed with point blond, gives an elegant finish to this dress: it is much wider at the bottom than the top, and is sufficiently short to display the trimming of the dress. 

The hair is dressed very light and low on the temples in front, and the hind hair braided and brought round the crown of the head. It is ornamented only with a band and bow of white satin. 

White satin slippers.  White kid gloves, finished by bows of ribbon at the top.

Interesting detail added by the apron. I don't think I have see one like this before.  I think it is quite pretty.

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