Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Lullworth Castle 4

We continue our tour.
 To give you a feel for the house in its grandeur, here is the door out to the park

This picture shows the grand cantilevered staircase rising to the first floor, built in 1780's and in use during our period of the Regency.
And here it is today.  Gosh, I did so want to explore that arched corridor. Alas, no stairs.

During the Regency, the following events took place at Lullworth.  The owner, Thomas Weld died and his son, also names Thomas, inherited the castle.  He did not live here.

From 1816 to 1826 the castle was let to some illustrious tenants.  The Barings, Robert Peel (of policeforce fame) and the Duke of Gloucester.

During this time Nelson won the battle of Trafalgar and Wellington defeated Napoleon.

There is a gem on this estate that I am keeping as a little secret, until next time.....

Monday, March 16, 2015

Regency Fashion ~ March 1815

 From Ackermann's for March 1815 we have this lovely gown and spencer described as follows:

    A petticoat of fine jaconet muslin, ornamented at the feet with a flounce laid on, appliqued with borders of needle-work.

 French spencer, of striped muslin; long loose sleeve, confined at the wrist with a bracelet; high military collar—collar and fronts trimmed with lace; short sash of lilac sarsnet tied in front. 

A melon cap, composed of lace and lilac ribbon, confined in bows upon the crown.

 Half-boots or sandals, lilac kid. Gloves, Limerick or French kid.

 For the fashions for this month we are again indebted to the tasteful and elegant designs of Mrs. Bean of Albemarle-street.

I enjoyed the description of the hat as a melon cap, but for a change I quite like it. I would have liked the colour lilac to have showed more in the picture, but I imagine that the lacy ruffles made the gown seem very light and airy and feminine. I had a blouse something like the spencer that I used to wear under a jacket. It was one of my favourites.

Until next time

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Lullworth Castle 3

It is always fascinating to poke around in someone's home, even if those people are long gone.  This was the saloon in the Regency. Originally the Great Hall, a place where visitors would have processed through to reach the Great Chamber and the State Apartments on the first floor. (2nd floor in North America).

 This is how it looks now, but we are kindly given a picture of how it looked before the fire.

While not Regency, it is easy to imagine it looking like this in our period. If you have a character living in a house like this remember that this room was also the route to other rooms in the house.

As usual I am fascinated by the other nooks and crannies in these old places.  These stairs obviously originate back the the more castle-like structure of the house.  No doubt the servants route from one place to another.  The picture is grainy because without the use of a flash it was too dark to be seen, so I have brightened it.

And here we have a view of the house as it was in the time of Humphrey Weld who owned the house after the Howards.

Until next time.......

Monday, March 9, 2015

Lullworth Castle 2

Once a country house in a vast estate, Lullworth Castle is now this.

The castle was destroyed by fire in 1929 and is now an empty shell.

One can only imagine the feeling of loss. Certainly I felt sad when I walked into the building.

Still there is quite a bit to see and some information to garner of use in our period, so we will continue our visit next time.....

Monday, March 2, 2015

Regency Fashion March 1815

Walking Dress, Ackermann's March 1815

All set for windy weather, though I do wonder how the bonnet will fare.

Here is the official description, but I do not think this is primrose.

PELISSE of short walking length, made of evening primrose-coloured velvet, ornamented down the front with satin trimming; round capes, trimmed to correspond; full lace ruff. 

A French bonnet, composed of white velvet and satin in reversed plaitings, trimmed round the edge with a quilting of lace; full plume of ostrich feathers in the front. 

Half-boots of tan-coloured kid. Gloves, Limerick or York tan.

I think this is a beautifully elegant coat. Reminds me of a coat I had when the maxi fashion first came out.

Until next time……..