Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Regency Fashions for May

Okay, just a quickie tonight, see it as an appetizer. We had family arrive from New York for one evening and we are nothing if we are not family oriented. So we went for dinner, then we walked the dog - a maltese terrier called Teaser - picture to be found for you, and then I said, but I hafta blog. I have friends out there, and they expect me to chat. There was some forehead wrinkling and some rounded eyes, and they said, 'yes, but be quick'. So here I am, being quick. Promise that there will be more on Monday even though Sunday is Mother's Day here in Canada.

This first picture is from May 1806. The description is as follows:

Walking Dress Curricle of Lace over a Round Dress of White Sarsnet. Spencer of Green Sarsnet. Straw Bonnet. Buff Gloves and Shoes. Beaver Hat. Indian Long Shawl. Cambric Walking Dress, with a Lace Ruff.
Full Dress.
Head fashionably drest, with a Band of Embroidered Lace. Dress of White Sarsnet, trimmed with Point. Robe of Pink Crape. White Shoes and Gloves.

This one is May 1808, not very different I think. The description is as follows.

May Cabinet of Fashion (page 264)

Full Dress.-Dress of fine muslin, elegantly worked down the front and round the bottom, and trimmed with pea-green ribbon.-Hair fashionably dressed.-White shoes and buff gloves.
Walking Dress.-Short dress of muslin, with lace trimming.-Shawl of lilac silk, and bonnet of the same colour, with a fancy flower in front.

I really really like the one with the green ribbon down the front. It is elegant and pretty and very wearable, I think.

This last one is just for fun. It is Victorian and is May 1860. We sure have come a long way since then.

Promise, more fashions on Monday. Until then. Happy Rambles.


  1. Again, what can I say? Your blogs are so helpful! Thanks to your guests for sharing you. :)

    A question: Can I have a lady wearing a long sleeved gown that buttons up the back in April or late March while traveling? Something plain, but well made? I assumed if she was traveling with a companion and maid, she could.

    Thanks so much!

  2. Oh, sorry, the year is 1815, if that helps.

  3. Beth absolutely you can. I will post a picture of one on Monday dated 1804 and some pictures of buttons too!

  4. Wonderful!

    If you have any information, I am a bit stumped on gloves as well. Would a lady be wearing gloves at the midday meal in her own home with no guest in attendance? Could they (were there?) be short gloves?

    Have a lovely weekend :)