Monday, May 14, 2007

Regency Fashion - buttons

Beth asked about buttons down the back of an 1810 gown. Here is the picture I promised. And just to be sure, I found a second one. Neither of these gowns if from 1810, the first is from 1804 and the second from 1807, but as you can imagine, if they were doing it earlier, there is no reason why it could not be so in a later year. I hope that helps, Beth.

This next picture is the back view of a spencer, a little jacket it also buttons down the back which i thought you might also like to take a look at.

While we are on the subject I thought we might take a look at buttons in general. Here are a few different kinds.

The button above is a metal circle covered by cotton threads in a decorative pattern.

This button (above) is a button made of agate.

These buttons (above) are made of bone.

Clearly the above button is metal and probably not worn by a female.
This last picture is of buttons made of wood.
Also, do not forget that many buttons, including the ones in the very first picture above would be covered by the fabric of the gown.

Now to the question of gloves. Beth asked would a woman wear gloves when eating lunch alone at home. I have heard much discussion on this topic and the consensus is that women did not eat in gloves and would not normally wear them around the home. That said, there is still some uncertainty about it. Isn't it amazing what we do not know. I do think you would be safe having her not eat in her gloves when she is alone at home.

I still have some May fashions to post and plan to have the rest of them up for you on Thursday. Until then happy rambles.


  1. Wonderful! I have never seen such great pictures of buttons before, and my crit group and I were actually discussing if they would cover them with fabric or not. This just works perfectly. :)

    And I have never seen those dress pictures before.
    Many, many thanks for such helpful information.

  2. Would that spencer have come just under her breasts?

    It never occurred to me that a spencer would fasten in the back.

  3. Beth, not all spencers fastened at the back, this was an example of one that did. And yes the spencer matched the length of gown bodice, like a jacket, coming just under the bust. I have a picture of a very pretty front closing one from 1815, which I will post next day.